Musical Instruments

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And a handy little tip when all else fails in calming a fraught baby? Well, why not prise that lid off and give it a go. You never know when the sudden sound of an instrument from the noisy box might be the change in atmosphere that you both need. But perhaps stick to the gentler sounds of the handbells or flexatones; "Fun" Auntie's full-size cymbals might be a step too far!
How can we harness the power in music, to help us on our parenting journey? How can we best use music to bond with our children, to share joyful moments, to play and to comfort? How can we teach musicality?
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Samsung has been granted a patent on a mobile phone which can also function as a guitar. The strange idea would let users
Many young children are missing out on decent music education because teachers often have little experience or training in