David Moyes: 9 Reasons Why Manchester United Should Sack Him

17/03/2014 12:16 | Updated 17 March 2014

In December, this author argued Manchester United should sack David Moyes following the back-to-back home defeats to Everton and Newcastle United. With the team still competing to win three trophies and seven points outside of the top four, the season was still salvageable.

Three months later, United are set to suffer their worst campaign in a quarter of a century. Unless the Greek Gods aren't Olympiakos fans, Moyes's debut season will end trophyless as early as Wednesday when United attempt to clay back a two-goal deficit against Olympiakos in their Champions League round-of-16 second leg.

It has got to the stage where United's malaise is not a fair reflection on Moyes as a manager. Everton usually fared well in the second halves of seasons, but the Scot's matrimony with United is an unhappy one and divorce is overdue.

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David Moyes asks the ground to open up and swallow him on Sunday

United have never finished outside of the top three in the Premier League era, but that is about to change. Liverpool's Old Trafford triumph on Sunday was United's ninth League defeat this term - their joint worst in the last 22 seasons - so here are nine reasons why Moyes must be sacked, although there are plenty more...

  • 1 Liverpool have scored 30 more goals than United
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    Whatever the shortcomings are of this United squad, they should not be so impotent with players like Robin van Persie, Wayne Rooney and Juan Mata. They struggle to create chances, let alone score them, under Moyes.
  • 2 Liverpool's 42-point swing
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    Liverpool finished 28 points behind United in Sir Alex Ferguson's final season and are now 14 ahead of them. They were bound to progress in Brendan Rodgers' second campaign, but the humiliation United have suffered in the process is unconscionable for such a huge club.
  • 3 Plodding players
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    Moyes inherited a dismal midfield Ferguson hadn't strengthened in six years, and their immobility has now spread throughout the side. Some of them appear to be mimicking the slow motion sequences from Inception.
  • 4 No Champions League football
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    It's not guaranteed - yet - but some United fans are concerned that qualification against Olympiakos will be followed by humiliation against one of Europe's heavyweights in the last eight. Should they somehow win the competition, it will trump Liverpool or Chelsea's miracle wins in 2005 and 2012.
  • 5 Everton should finish above them
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    Some United supporters are hopeful United will finish seventh so it spares them of Europa League football next season and because it could be the final nail in Moyes' coffin. Seventh would mean sixth for Everton, which would be the most embarrassing aspect of Moyes' Old Trafford reign. That they are even competing for sixth with the Toffees is bad enough. United have not finished below Everton since 1990.
  • 6 They could finish below Tottenham
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    Somehow, Tottenham are fifth in the League. They have been battered by Manchester City (twice), Liverpool and Chelsea, yet they remain one place outside the top four. Naturally, Moyes couldn't beat them and lost to Spurs - at home - when they were managed by Tim Sherwood, who is arguably more out of his depth than his United counterpart. United have not finished below Spurs since 1990.
  • 7 Bad business
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    Within a month, United invested over £100 million in two No.10 players. They already have Shinji Kagawa and Adnan Januzaj, while Robin van Persie and Ryan Giggs are both adept as playmakers. Already square peg Juan Mata is struggling in his round hole, as Moyes refuses to budge over Wayne Rooney's role.
  • 8 Moyes isn't brave enough
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    Not only is Moyes refusing to move Rooney to allow Mata a fair crack of the whip as a No.10, but he hasn't got the balls to drop Robin van Persie either. Rooney is too immobile and positionally indisciplined to excel off the striker, and is more effective as a centre forward, yet the disinterested Van Persie remains up front. It's broke, and the manager isn't fixing it.
  • 9 He struggles against the big teams
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    United have lost to five of the six teams above them this season and Moyes still hasn't won at Liverpool, Chelsea or Arsenal after 12 years as a Premier League manager. That was just one reason he should never have replaced Sir Alex Ferguson.
David Moyes looking lost
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