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League said it will consider “the most appropriate steps to reshape the project”.
Supporters unfurl banners that read “Created by the poor, stolen by the rich” and "Say no to Super League".
Manchester United and England footballer Marcus Rashford has hit the headlines, campaigning until the government made a U-turn on their decision to not extend free school meals into the summer. The Premier League striker took up the campaign following his own experiences of being a recipient when he was young. The campaign continues the 22-year-old’s community efforts during the coronavirus pandemic, as he’s raised money for charities and given his support to help the homeless in Manchester.
Dementia turned my dad from United ultra to passive football watcher, but our club's run of form has him back in love with the beautiful game
Manchester United are more than just a global football team. They are a symbol of strength, grit and determination against
That's what you say about little boys, isn't it? If they're lucky, they might grow up to be footballers. It's a social norm, an acceptable comment to pass on a baby. My frustration is not with the old lady. She is certainly not the first to have said it to Sam, and (I'm sure) won't be the last. My frustration is with the aspiration that lies behind it?
Hard-nosed business and the emotive world of football come together.
Not everyone in football is complaining about the pernicious influence of big business on the beautiful game. Fans of Chelsea