Boris Island Rejected, Johnson Mercilessly Mocked By Twitter

02/09/2014 16:05 | Updated 02 September 2014
Sean Dempsey/PA Wire

It's over. The uber-grand vision of aviation utopia with the name that suggested chimps would fly the planes has been burst.

'Boris Island' will (almost certainly) never be.

The London Mayor's dream of an airport in the Thames Estuary is one he has championed for many a month. Poor chap.

Obviously the British public were quick to soothe BoJo's upset ruffled feathers. Or not...

Perhaps the biggest problem was the confusion as to what 'Boris Island' is actually meant to be.

But people decided to imagine anyway.

Others pondered what the mythical place would have been like had it materialised.

Some showed that indomitable British spirit and set about creating their own.

An inspired few broke into song.

Thoughts turned to the future - what would BoJo do next?

And what's this?! Oh, avert thy eyes Boris...

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