Kate Middleton Royal Baby Name Decided By Winner Of Important Corgi Race

19/03/2015 16:49

On Wednesday the Duchess of Cambridge revealed just when the royal baby will make it’s appearance.

Now the name and sex of Prince George’s usurper have also been revealed – after a tense corgi race.

Ten of the noble dogs so favoured by the Queen took part in the important event, believed to be the first of its kind.

royal baby corgi race

Corgis racing in the name of the royal baby

Organised by bookmaker Ladbrokes, it saw five dogs assigned male royal names and a further five with female monikers.

Based on this data alone, we can reveal the royal baby will definitely, absolutely, definitively be a girl called Alexandra.


A Ladbrokes spokesman said: “Alexandra romped to victory and it looks like Kate will soon be giving birth to a little girl next month.

“Royal baby betting is booming and the arrival of the new heir to the throne is sure to see a record amount of wagers placed.”

kate middleton

Soon it will be time

Kate has indeed dropped powerful hints as to the royal baby’s sex – notably by wearing a pink coat and reportedly being visibly “drawn to the girls’ clothes” during a visit to a Chelsea baby boutique.

But until recently Charlotte had been the clear favourite for a handful of betting companies.

One can only assume those cunning pups know something we don’t.

  • Alice
    Hulton Archive/ Getty
    The name Alice has a royal lineage and was chosen for the second daughter of Queen Victoria. The wife of Queen’s uncle (the late Duke of Gloucester) was also named Alice.
  • Charlotte
    Queen Charlotte was the wife of King George III, who reigned from 1760 until his death in 1820. It is also the middle name of Kate's younger sister, Pippa.
  • Victoria via Getty Images
    Queen Victoria was the great-great-grandmother of Queen Elizabeth II. She came to the throne on June 20 1837. She died on January 22 1901. Or Victoria Beckham.
  • Elizabeth
    Danny Lawson/PA Wire
    Who else! (It’s also Kate’s middle name.) Queen Elizabeth II is set to become the longest ever reigning monarch in British history on September 9 2015.
  • Diana
    Boris Spremo via Getty Images
    Prince Williams late mother was Diana, Princess of Wales.
  • Henry
    VisitBritain/Britain on View via Getty Images
    Eight English Kings have been called Henry, the most famous of which was Henry VIII who had six marriages, two of whom ending in beheadings. He reigned from 1509 until his death in 1547.
  • Arthur
    Print Collector via Getty Images
    Apparently the name Charles wanted to give William and the last surviving son of Queen Victoria. He served as the Governor General of Canada. He was born in 1850 and died in 1942.
  • James
    Gareth Fuller/PA Archive
    The name of two English and six Scottish Kings – and that of the Duchess’s younger brother.
  • Alexandra
    One of Queen Elizabeth II’s middle names and also the name of Princess Alexandra, the only daughter of the late Duke and Duchess of Kent, born on Christmas Day in 1936.
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