Incredibly Important YouGov Poll: Pigeons Are Better Than Seagulls

07/08/2015 16:28 BST | Updated 07/08/2015 16:59 BST
Pigeons and Seagulls have plenty of human company during the mild weather on the Atlantic City Boardwalk, Saturday, Jan. 28, 2006, in Atlantic City, N.J. (AP Photo/Mel Evans)

A pioneering YouGov poll has discovered that Brits are more fond of one type of bird over another type.

The renowned pollster asked 1,500 British people: "Which do you think are worse – seagulls or pigeons?"

In a shocking turn of events, the poll found that a whopping 35% of respondents thought seagulls were worse than pigeons, with just 13% dubbing pigeons inferior.

yougov pigeon poll

The seemingly fleeting poll did have a point, however. A later question asked respondents how they would feel about a cull on seagulls to reduce their numbers, to which 44% responded positively and 36% said they wouldn't support it.