Anti-bird spikes have been fitted to trees – in a bid to protect cars beneath them from pigeon poo. The spikes – normally
A rat has savagely battled with a pigeon in dramatic scenes of nature, caught on a frightening video clip. The rodent's jaws
A pioneering YouGov poll has discovered that Brits are more fond of one type of bird over another type. The renowned pollster
In an escapade that sounds like a deleted scene from the cartoon Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines a dad has
As I listened to David Miliband dissect his brother's failures on the news in a eulogy written to offend the faithful, I found myself squawking, 'he's not dead David, he's only in Ibiza!' But politically dead Ed is; the headstone he commissioned foretold it.
London Zoo will stop the clock on its Victorian bird house today at noon to mark 100 years since the death of a passenger
Countless brave birds served and died with our Allied forces. They crossed battle lines and helped influence key battle decisions by delivering vital messages. These intelligent, gentle birds were the first recipients of the Dickin Medal - animals' Victoria Cross - for contributing to the rescue of thousands of human aviators.
Two pigeons caused chaos at a Welsh university after swooping into an exam hall and disrupting students, meaning they will
Firefighters initially struggled to find the cause for the fire Ellen Monger, 60, grandmother of eight year-old Dylan Dixson