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Alex Ford

Former Royal Air Force Airman, an instructor and technician, recently freed from military service and making his way as a writer and blogger in the civilian world

Former Royal Air Force Airman who recently left the service and now making his way in the civilian world.

What is Wrong With Armed Forces Compensation? Everything

One thing would definitely come out of the massive change that is needed, there would be a lot fewer news stories like this one. Because it is not the fact that three women got a compensation payment for injuries sustained whilst marching, it is the fact that they were treated differently to other military personnel that grabs the headlines.
25/11/2013 11:50 GMT

The Colour of the Poppy Doesn't Matter, But What We Remember Does

It's that time of year again. When we remember. Remember the fallen, remember the dead. Remember those who have given their lives in wars throughout the last 100 years or so, in service of us, those left behind to have a free, decent and peaceful life.
08/11/2013 16:15 GMT

To Intervene in Syria or Not? What Kind of Future Do We Want?

We all put up with things, until they reach a point where we can't do it anymore. From our neighbour's noisy party music, through to our husband's visits to the pub... eventually we get to a point where we cannot accept that anymore and we do something about it. We are at that point in Syria.
26/08/2013 21:12 BST

A Million Miles Away...

For me it sums up my tour in Afghanistan. In the picture I am hot, sweaty; covered from head to foot in protective gear; helmet, glasses, body armour, blast pants, gloves, boots... carrying my rifle, ammunition, equipment, food, water.
02/08/2013 16:21 BST

What's the Point of Nuclear Weapons?

Why do we have them? Why for that matter do any of those nations have them? Why are some nations keen to spend fortunes on programmes developing these weapons - whilst their people go hungry? Because it means they are in that club - vanity.
17/07/2013 11:55 BST

Is It Time to Face Up to the Truth About Our Armed Forces and Our Defence Policies?

It's time the government looked again at our Armed Forces. Not just with a view to saving money, but actually thinking about what we want them to do and if they are able to do it. The recent defence review was a sham. It didn't take a strategic view of our forces and didn't match them up with the roles we were asking of them.
14/06/2013 11:38 BST

Who Is to Blame for Violent Ex-Servicemen?

This story is about young men (and yes, it is mostly men) who leave the forces early, rather than those who have undertaken multiple tours and spent a decent amount of time in the services. It's about those young men who already have a propensity for violence and who can't handle the discipline of the army. It's about how they are discharged and then booted out into society.
15/03/2013 15:23 GMT

Speaking Up for the Interpreters of Afghanistan

After the pull out of Iraq, the British gave - en masse - asylum to the interpreters that had helped us in that conflict, but the 'terps in Afghanistan are going to have to apply for the same asylum on a 'case-by-case' basis.
12/02/2013 17:13 GMT

Do We Really Need to Know What Harry Did in Afghanistan?

Soldiers are required to do just one thing. Kill the enemy. It's their job. Everyone knows it's their job. It's obvious it's what they do. But when you are a member of the Royal Family... should you actually say that you have?
22/01/2013 10:45 GMT

What It's Like to Spend Christmas in Afghanistan

Away, serving their country overseas. Whether that is in the Falkand Islands, one of the small detachments in the Gulf, on board a ship somewhere or in the very worst place... Afghanistan.
23/12/2011 23:08 GMT