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Andy Shepherd

TV Presenter, Producer and Writer

After graduating from Kent University he traveled to Asia, Australia and South America. He returned to the UK and quickly secured his first job with prestigious comedy production company Big Talk Productions. After two years with the company, during which he worked on award winning production Rev, Free Agents, Friday Night Dinner, Scott Pilgrim vs The World and Paul he decided to pursue his ambition of presenting.

He hosts a travelogue series on Guardian Online as well as interviewing sporting superstars for Gaff.TV. In 2012 he conducted an exclusive hour long, no holds barred interview with Ashley Cole at his home, a feat no other journalist has matched. He achieved a childhood ambition by being part of the London 2012 Olympics, hosting the action at the Basketball Arena. Andy has recently presented Channel 4’s For 3 Minutes.

Usain Bolt: The Movie - Will It Have a Happy Ending?

This week an Usain Bolt film has been announced, made by the men behind Class Of '92, Ben and Gabe Turner at Fulwell 73. The film will follow Usain as he heads towards the Rio Olympics next year and his retirement season in 2017. The story line above could well be what we see played out in this movie.
29/04/2015 16:48 BST

Should Nike Be Sponsoring Drug Cheat Justin Gatlin?

It's not the place of a sports company to inflict a ban on an athlete. That's down to the governing body of the sport. If the IAAF have cleared Gatlin to compete then he should have the same opportunities as anyone else who is on that start line.
27/03/2015 11:49 GMT

Why Everyone Should Get Out of London... Occasionally

This morning I arrived back to London after a month away. I had been traveling for 48 hours straight. I was a little tired to say the least. I turned on my phone; it was like welcoming an old friend (an old friend that had been relegated to an occasional acquaintance for the last 4 weeks due to international roaming charges). A call came through almost immediately.
08/03/2013 09:31 GMT

The Importance of a Gap Year

During my travels I met lots of people. To begin with I latched on to anyone who would have me. Anyone, just so I wasn't alone. But gradually, as I meet more and more people, I began to identify what I liked in a person, what made me want to spend time with someone.
15/01/2013 16:49 GMT