Athos Athanasiou London Poet, aspiring Science Fiction Writer and Software Developer

Athos Athanasiou is a poet based in London. He has published some poems in the MS Talent collections and some have appeared on the Delilah Blog. He performs at various London slams and events such as Farrago, Apples and Snakes' Jawdance, the Catweazle Club and Speech Motion. And once at the Nuyorican Poetry Cafe in New York.

A lot of his poems have a science fiction or fantasy slant and he is currently working on his first science fiction novel. He also likes writing poetry about current events as they are happening.

A slight geek, he develops software programs for a firm of actuaries and consultants, holds a master's degree in mathematics and is hoping to study astrophysics in his spare time. He belongs to two book clubs.