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Aurelie Walker

Trade policy advisor at the Fairtrade Foundation

Aurelie Walker is trade policy advisor at the Fairtrade Foundation. She has had extensive experience in Eastern and Southern Africa working on trade negotiations with the European Union and on WTO issues. At Fairtrade she has led on the cotton campaign lobbying the UK government and European Institutions for change to its unfair cotton subsidy regime affecting 15 million cotton farmers in West Africa.

UK Aid to India: What For?

Trade and aid can be drivers of sustainable development: Fairtrade certification has demonstrated that, when poor farmers in developing countries are supported financially with development aid to become organised and are provided with an opportunity to tap into, and benefit from, global trade there can be a <a href="" target="_hplink">significant impact</a> on poverty reduction at the local level.
22/02/2012 10:24 GMT

World Trade Organisation: Fairness is Not an Ideology

Fairness is not an ideology. Some people are haves and some people are have nots. This situation is real and requires a real response. Yet in the World Trade Organisation over 10 years of negotiations have still not delivered greater fairness and, dangerously, the world is losing interest.
22/12/2011 11:51 GMT

'That's Not Fair!' - How Children Can Make a Change for Fair Trade

There are over 600 Fairtrade schools in the UK. Children make captive audiences to stories about injustice and suffering that can come with being a farmer in a developing country. Children's capacity for empathy is great and can be developed through sharing stories during one of the many visits that Fairtrade farmers make to schools around the country in person and virtually.
18/11/2011 00:10 GMT