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Charlotte Church

Child opera star, TV host/pop songstress, gutter-media prey

More of a Prosecco Girl Myself

For those denigrating me as a "champagne socialist", I have to say I'm more of a prosecco girl, myself. I was born in a working-class family who have for generations been active in political protest. I was nine years old when I was first taken to a demonstration by my mother, who at the time was working as a housing officer for Cardiff council.
12/05/2015 12:17 BST

Democracy in Traction

This country needs change. We need to sort out our house. The people are being ripped off and exploited by multinational companies, by the media, by our own elected officials, and all of this has got to stop.
07/05/2015 20:23 BST

Why is Everyone So Scared?

In the hypothetical future (somewhere in the distance on the other side of the rubicon and down the slippery slope) the stronger argument is surely that we would like to already have on our statute book a law that asserts the press's right to independence and free speech.
01/12/2012 18:07 GMT