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Christine Coco Jun

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Got Balls? Scrotum-Nailing Performance Artist Pavlensky Does

Last week, a stark-naked Petr Pavlensky hammered a huge nail through his own scrotum, affixing it to the stone pavement in front of Lenin's Mausoleum in Moscow's Red Square. Over Skype this week, Pavlensky and I discussed why he <em>isn't</em> planning any more similar protest stunts in the near future.
20/11/2013 15:51 GMT

Barbican's New 'Pop Art' Show Is Way More Than Just Popular

The Barbican's latest Pop Art Design show presents a fresh take on a movement spanning the 50s to 70s--the first comprehensive exhibition to explore the collaboration between the designers and artists responsible for shaping our postmodern attitudes.
31/10/2013 13:38 GMT

On and by Luc Tuymans: Why Painting Still Matters

Luc Tuymans is not shy about admitting that he is easily one of the most influential figurative painters working today. His work - which often deals with heavy historical subjects like the Holocaust and postcolonial guilt - resists easy interpretation.
25/10/2013 13:43 BST

Breaking "Good": My First Psychedelic Drug Conference

If the popular rise of drugs in mainstream culture is any indication of the times - just think how many viewers caught the finale of <em>Breaking Bad</em> - perhaps we need to especially reconsider the use of psychedelic drugs.
16/10/2013 10:12 BST

Sophie Fiennes Directs Zizek in New 'Pervert's Guide'

Delving once more into the hidden language of cinema, Fiennes and Zizek interpret what the movies reveal about ourselves, and the collective fantasies that shape our beliefs and practices. Fiennes commented: "We are responsible for our dreams. That's the genius of cinema: there's more happening than what you can actually talk about. "
04/10/2013 14:35 BST

Sally Hawkins on Surviving 'Blue Jasmine'

It's always challenging when you're stepping into the role of someone who isn't you. It's Woody Allen, so you worry - you have to get over your insecurities about what you're doing.
27/09/2013 16:20 BST

How My First UK Festival Followed the Classic Five Steps of Grief

Despite the false promise of "a day of sunshine fuelled electronic sounds in central Shoreditch," FOUND Festival ravers' spirits refused to be dampened by London's schizo-storms. In fact, my first festival foray of the summer pretty faithfully followed Kubler-Ross' famous five steps of grief...
01/07/2013 12:23 BST