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Dr Patrick Bowler

Founder of Courthouse Clinics and founding member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine

Dr Patrick Bowler Qualified in 1974 at the Royal London Hospital and he is a pioneer of non-surgical cosmetic treatments with over 25 years experience. He is the founder of Courthouse Clinics. Dr Patrick Bowler is a Founder member, past President and Fellow of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine (formerly the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors). He is a member of the Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery. Dr Bowler is on the Governance Board for Treatments You Can Trust and is the author of The Nervous Girl's Guide to Nip & Tuck. His opinion on the aesthetic industry is highly respected and he is frequently quoted in the media and on TV.

"Why Can't I Lose Weight?"

Britain is far from healthy. In fact, one in four Britons are classified as obese, but I think it is safe to say we are all painfully aware of the problem; a survey recently reported that women will go on twice as many diets in their lifetime than they will have lovers.
06/03/2015 13:01 GMT

Has the Cosmetics Industry Aged Well?

I began my career over twenty-five years ago and I can safely say that the cosmetic industry has evolved to the point of being almost unrecognisable. Every aspect of the profession has changed in some way, from the equipment and products we use to the patients and conditions we treat.
20/01/2015 12:36 GMT

The Obese Don't Need Babysitting - They Need Educating

The figures in my clinic reflect a growing desire to get weight under control, and for us to inform ourselves at a better level on exactly what a balanced, healthy diet looks like. Then hidden sugars in food can make this a frustrating and difficult process...
07/03/2014 15:06 GMT

A Response to the New Cosmetic Rulings

Clinics must be held accountable for their records. Like John Ryan of MYA Clinics pointed out, if an organization as massive as the National Health Service are publishing increasing amounts of clinical data, so should the private sector.
14/02/2014 14:46 GMT

Why Can't We Talk About Vagina?

Erectile dysfunction. Prostate cancer. Urinary hesitancy. With men's health there's not an issue out there that isn't talked about. And yet, when it comes to the business of lady parts, we suddenly seem to get very shy indeed.
12/12/2013 14:19 GMT

What's the Deal With "Revenge Surgery"?

Youn reports that in his experience the largest proportion of new divorcees are seeking a "back on the market" cosmetic enhancement, or looking to get the procedure that previous partners might otherwise have frowned upon. It is, I believe, a journey of empowerment, a way of "fixing" the broken insides by changing the outside.
20/06/2013 11:41 BST

The Changing Landscape of Male Grooming

After years of controversial rhetoric on the reasons women get their body hair removed, the conversation is now shifting for men, who are increasingly expressing a desire for cleaner and less time-consuming methods for body hair maintenance like their female counterparts.
15/05/2013 11:16 BST

The Keogh Report: What It Means For Cosmetic Practitioners

The cosmetic treatments industry has had a call to arms. Wednesday saw the release of the Keogh Report, a review on cosmetic treatment procedures commissioned by the government, led by NHS medical director Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, and huge changes for practitioners are nigh.
29/04/2013 12:18 BST

The Problem With Men (And Their Veins)

Anyone can suffer from thread or varicose veins- nearly half of women and a quarter of men will experience symptoms in their lives. The difference between the sexes, though, is that women seek out treatment. Men typically don't: or at least not until it's too late.
23/04/2013 17:06 BST

The Politics of Body Hair Removal

Traditionally the reserve of dancers and models, increasing numbers of woman are finding that a totally, and permanently, hair-free pubic region is hygienic, low maintenance and eliminates the constant monitoring and monthly salon trips of other methods.
25/03/2013 22:27 GMT

Brotox for the Boys

Botox in men is becoming increasingly commonplace. From Cliff Richard to David Hassellhoff, support for the treatment in the male community is such that it's recently been christened with it's own special "man name": Brotox.
12/03/2013 16:38 GMT

Can Botox Cure Depression?

From what is known of the psychology of emotions and their correlation to behaviour, Botox could possibly impact risk evaluation, empathy, and communication as well. The treatment, against all fashionable opinion, seems to trigger much more than a simple confidence boost.
27/02/2013 14:04 GMT