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Dr Stephen Cornelius

Chief Adviser on Climate Change at WWF.

Dr Stephen Cornelius is the Chief Adviser on Climate Change at WWF.  He works on international climate change policy and science including on the 1.5°C temperature limit, the IPCC and the impact of climate change on wildlife.  Before joining WWF, Stephen worked for over a decade in the climate change negotiations for British government and the EU.

Climate By Numbers

The Paris Agreement on climate change gave the world real hope that through collective leadership and shared responsibility we can solve the problem that is climate change. Every nation has a part to play and its clear the UK Government needs to be doing more as a global leader on climate action.
15/11/2017 11:01 GMT

Bula From The UN Climate Change Talks In Bonn

Climate action is happening. For example, record amounts of renewable energy generation are being built worldwide as their costs continue to fall, and most vehicle manufacturers have indicated that they will bring out fully electric models in the near future.
06/11/2017 16:27 GMT

Bold Action Needed To Save Our 'Blue Planet' From The Effects Of Climate Change

These reports highlight the very problem that is putting our blue planet at risk - continued high-levels of human-made emissions leading to climate change and ocean acidification.  This is being felt in our oceans - as they warm we see impacts such as more extreme weather patterns, coral bleaching and mortality, and rising sea-levels.
01/11/2017 09:07 GMT