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Jack Millner

Freelance science and technology journalist

Jack Millner has written for CNN International and Humans Invent as a freelance science and technology journalist. Jack loves space travel and robots, and he brews his own beer. Follow Jack on twitter: @jack_millner or read his blog

Antigua and Barbuda - The New Digital Pirates of the Caribbean

The tiny Caribbean island of Antigua is to become a digital piracy haven after being given permission by the World Trade Organisation (WTO) to launch a website that would distribute music, movies and software without compensating US copyright holders after a decade long saga of abuse by the US.
08/03/2013 17:39 GMT

Humanity's Future in Space

Space tourism has set a precedent for extra-terrestrial industries, and could be the forerunner of a much more expansive and lucrative economy to emerge outside of Earth's atmosphere, one that could really take-off (excuse the pun) once the initial infrastructure is in place.
28/01/2013 17:18 GMT