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Jenni Bergman

Jenni Bergman is a writer, translator and activist based in Cardiff

Dr Jenni Bergman is a writer, translator and activist based in Cardiff. She was born in Sweden in 1976 and has lived in the UK since 2001. She has completed a BA (Hons) degree in English with Creative Writing at University of Greenwich (2004), an MA in Postmodernism, Literature and Contemporary Culture at Royal Holloway, University of London (2006), and PhD at Cardiff University (2010). Her PhD thesis is entitled ‘The Significant Other: a Literary History of Elves’, which analyses supernatural humanoids in terms of their Otherness. Her interests include the relationship between reality and fiction, sustainable living, freedom of information, people power, equal rights and art, craft and design. She writes speculative fiction and makes notebooks out of reclaimed materials. Her blog can be found here.

The Hypocrisy of Achievement

Recently a nugget of wisdom mentioned in <em>Back to the Future</em> has come to mind. I love the film, but this statement encapsulates a belief in achievement that is particularly pervasive in American society but is popular throughout the Western world.
07/02/2012 22:18 GMT

Fight the Real Problems

In the aftermath of the riots, we are now trying to figure out what caused them. 'Figure out' in this case means finding someone or something to blame.
11/09/2011 20:35 BST