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John O Connell

Director of the TaxPayers' Alliance

John O’Connell joined the TPA in June 2009. As Research Director John oversees the TPA’s research output, and has a personal focus on government institutions (with a particular focus on quangos), local government waste and general public sector productivity. Before work at the TPA John worked in retail, spent a short time at the Hampstead and Highgate Express, and then Dods (the political communications firm). He attended Nottingham Trent University, where he received a bachelor’s degree in Politics, and then University College London, where he obtained a Masters degree in European Public Policy.

Generation Screwed

After the Greatest Generation, the Baby Boomers, Generation X and the Millennials, today's young people look set to be Generation Screwed unless politicians take action. With less than six weeks until the election, politicians should stop treating young people as a youthful but silent cash cow of borrowed money, just because they don't cast as many votes as the elderly.
27/03/2015 15:51 GMT

Stop the Energy Swindle

How to tackle the rising cost of living will be a key dividing line at the next election. Most people are feeling the pinch, whether it's the cost of filling up the car or picking up the weekly shop. This is particularly acute with stagnant wages being outstripped by inflation.
04/07/2013 15:42 BST

The Single Income Tax Would Be Fairer

There are all sorts of weird disparities in our tax system. Why should paying yourself through a company instead of being paid directly by your employer change what tax rate you pay?
22/05/2012 17:34 BST

Taxpayer Funding of Trade Unions

Facility time is an unfair taxpayer-funded subsidy to unions, which frees up money for campaigns. It should be scrapped and paid for out of union coffers.
25/11/2011 13:59 GMT

Tax Transparency is Just as Important as Spending Transparency

We published a detailed recommendation to abolish NI and make payslips more honest last week. So much more can be done on tax transparency and it really is the one area that the Government can inform the debate on tax with little effort, in keeping with a broader transparency agenda.
05/11/2011 21:11 GMT