Kevin Fleming Writer at lifestyle blog, musing on modern life as Husband, Dad, Traveler, Foodie, Inventor, US Expat in London.

Ideapult is a lifestyle blog focusing on parenting, travel, gastronomy, fashion, entrepreneurship, and the experiences of an American abroad. Kevin Fleming is a humorist, memoir writer and aspiring children's book author based in London, the big smoke. He is writing this right now and finding this whole third person thing somewhat phony and awkward. He also thinks it is great that awkward looks awkward.

From the land of Twain in the Show-Me state of Missouri, Kevin is currently living in Fulham under the Heathrow flight path, with his beautiful wife Stacie and three incredibly fun and often horribly behaved children aged 8, 7, and 4. By his feet is a 10 year dog with the countenance of a tornado. His dog only takes him half seriously.

Having visited over 50 countries Kevin believes, okay I believe that to dissolve bias and make the world a better more prosperous place we need be more open, honest and poke fun at and celebrate the diversity and shared magic of what it means to be alive today.

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