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Lord Maginnis of Drumglass

Member of House of Lords, Independent Ulster Unionist

Member of British Committee for Iran Freedom (BCFIF),

Essential to Counter to Iran's Regional Misconduct

As we approach the first anniversary of the Iranian nuclear deal, tens of thousands of activists and Iranian dissidents are set to rally this Saturday in Paris, calling for Tehran's nefarious conduct at home and in the region to be tackled. One of the primary messages at this rally will be to condemn Iran's role in the massacre of the Syrian people and to demand an end to its assistance to the Assad government.
07/07/2016 13:38 BST

Need for Essential Changes in Mid-East Policy

Though change may not come overnight, this conference in Paris is both timely and important - a potentially crucial pointer in the right direction towards resolving to one of the most difficult and dangerous foreign policy issues of our time, namely Iran. It surely deserves greater strategic comprehension and attention from our Governments.
10/06/2016 15:20 BST

The Harsh Truth: ISIL Is the Product of Iran's Theocracy and Assad's Dictatorship

For the West to acknowledge that there are at least two prominent enemies to freedom and stability in the Middle East would be a start. But by embracing one and opposing the other the West may disrupt the current flow of violence, but it will never halt the growth of extremism. As long as a Shiite theocracy remains in place in Iran, new Sunni extremists will always stand ready to compete with it for control over the soul of the Muslim world.
19/09/2014 11:06 BST

A Fictitious ISIL to Scare Us Away From the Truth in Iraq

We need to be careful not to be duped again by Maliki and his Iranian masters. Let us put aside the ISIL and focus on what Maliki has done and is doing to that country. Iraqi people have been victimised for more than 11 years.
15/06/2014 21:34 BST

Chicken or Egg - Human Rights or Nuclear Controls?

Ignoring the devious humbug from Vienna, perhaps Paris on June 27 might just be the right place from which to set the principles necessary to re-start with a new, humane and more realistic policy on Iran.
02/06/2014 13:20 BST

UK Parliamentary Delegation Urges Caution and Realism on Iran

Several days ago a man with a neatly trimmed beard wearing a white turban, and professorial-looking rimless glasses featured prominently in Davos. Was it really Hassan Rouhani? Of course Rouhani is Iran's current Ayatollah-sanctioned President and should have every good reason to be at such a prestigious forum; however the man addressing Davos appeared only to share the real Rouhani's appearance.
31/01/2014 10:24 GMT

New Circumstances - New Opportunity

The regime has continually used the labels 'terrorist' and 'cult' in order to dehumanise the members of the PMOI and to neutralise its impact.
12/10/2012 10:15 BST

United States Should Make Amends on Iranian Dissidents

What was once thought to be a political necessity has proven to be a political fiasco as Iran's mullahs' regime moves ever closer to producing a viable nuclear bomb. It is now time to put an end to this fruitless and unjust policy, and remove the terror label that was placed, unjustifiably, on the PMOI at that time.
11/09/2012 16:13 BST

Subvert the Law; Betray the Nation!

The Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (MEK) was blacklisted by the Clinton administration to placate the Iranian mullahs in 1997. In 2012 the fallacy of that approach is self-evident. While it may be difficult to understand the U.S. Government's decision to label as terrorists a group of Iranian dissidents exiled in Iraq its recent perversion of the truth is most alarming.
11/05/2012 10:10 BST

Faceless State Department Official Courts Favour With Iranian Tyrants

Blaming the victim has been the strategy of oppressors as far back as anyone can remember. Now, in the ongoing struggle to protect the 3,400 Iranian dissidents trapped in Iraq, the strategy has taken an even more perverse turn - to blame those who would help the victims. This is a strategy being pursued, not just by the oppressors, but by "double agents" within the State Department.
18/03/2012 17:18 GMT

MPs, Jurists, Military Experts Urge UN Protection for Camp Ashraf Residents

At a major event in London's Queen Elizabeth II conference centre on Saturday, attended by 1,000 Anglo-Iranians, senior British jurists and MPs and US military experts called on the United Nations to intervene immediately to save the lives of 3,400 Iranian dissidents at Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty in Iraq.
26/02/2012 15:36 GMT

Put an End to the Catch-22 Facing Iranian Dissidents

When Author Joseph Heller wrote Catch-22 half a century ago, little did he know that was adding a new phrase to the dictionary. In the real world, the plight of the 3,400 Iranian dissidents still besieged at Camp Ashraf in Iraq is a Catch-22.
27/01/2012 09:30 GMT