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Margaret Jowitt

Lay editor, Midwifery Matters, Association of Radical Midwives, Lay Chair

MPhil, Keele, 1998, Mothers' Experience of Birth at Home and in Hospital
author Childbirth Unmasked ASIN 0951769138
co-editor Radical Midwifery Chair,Isle of Wight Maternity Services Liaison Committee, mother of four

Demand for Caesareans is Fuelled by the Fear Caused by NHS Cutbacks

Hospitals may prefer to have women - mothers and midwives - under their control. Guess what: women lacking control have more pain during labour and overworked midwives lacking control have more days off sick with stress - and so the cycle goes on - fewer midwives spread ever more thinly until the maternity services are at breaking point and the mortality rates go up.
31/10/2011 23:12 GMT