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Martin Perry

Independent Science Fiction Series You Should Be Reading

If you're a voracious science fiction reader you'll be well aware that the traditional print publishing houses aren't capable of keeping up with your demand for quality books. Even more so, you'll be aware that when it comes to science fiction series the wait between releases can often be painfully long.
27/04/2012 10:18 BST

Where to Find Free Kindle Books

If there's something that readers universally love about the Kindle, it's the fact you can get so many great books at great prices. What they love more, I assume, is that you can get a lot of good stuff for absolutely nothing too. Nada, zip, etcetera.
11/01/2012 11:33 GMT

Indie Authors Need to Look for New Opportunities

The life of an indie author involves several things; ferociously refreshing the sales statistics for their latest releases, obsessively checking social media, maybe a bit of Googling their own name. What it rarely involves, unfortunately, is them looking at how the new ePublishing market can be brought forward, and how that might help them.
03/01/2012 22:07 GMT

Kindle Self-Publishers Soon to Become Amazon Exclusives

The volume of self-published authors, otherwise known as independent, that continue to outsell Big Six books on Amazon's Kindle store is pretty surprising. Less so has been Amazon's decision to operate its own imprints, ensnaring some of those successful indies into formal, mutually beneficial publishing deals.
12/12/2011 18:15 GMT

What Does the Release of the Kindle Fire Mean for Indie Authors?

The one thing that the Amazon Kindle can't do though is turn non-readers into bookworms. The Kindle Fire may well outsell its book-focused older brother, but those newly ensnared by Amazon's web of content will not immediately be interested in what's been uploaded to Kindle Direct Publishing that week.
03/10/2011 10:25 BST

The Look of Love - An Interview with Bella Andre

In a recent blog post I covered just how successful romance authors can be, so it seemed like a good idea to interview one of the best. Bella Andre is the prolific author of the bestselling Sullivan Family series, as well as the Bad Boys of Football books, along with many others, and she kindly sat down to give me her view on digital publishing, and what lies ahead for her.
17/09/2011 13:59 BST