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Milena Popova

Geek of all trades

Milena is an economist and political scientist by education, an IT manager by trade, and a campaigner for digital rights, equality and diversity by persuasion. She is a passionate European and has an eclectic mix of interests which are reflected in her writing. They range from women's rights and violence against women to constitutional issues such as electoral reform and Scottish independence.

Where Are the Male Rhythmic Gymnasts?

Yet if we want true equality, we need to challenge the dinosaurs of sport such as the International Gymnastics Federation, to treat both genders equally across different variations in the sport and to encourage participation from all.
10/08/2012 20:02 BST

A Tale of Two Britains

From teasers and early coverage of rehearsals for the Olympic opening ceremony (turning the stadium into a representation of rural Britain, complete with sheep and all that), I must admit I was expecting a continuation of that story, a sequel to the sickly-sweet pageantry of the Jubilee complete with miles of bunting.
29/07/2012 14:51 BST

What Have Immigrants Ever Done For Us?

Apart from a ten-line blip in a seven-page speech David Cameron made back in April, whenever immigration comes up in the news in this country it is in a negative context.
10/10/2011 17:47 BST