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Mohsen Mohseninia

VP of Market Development, Europe, at Aeris

Mohsen Mohseninia has over 18 years of experience in telecommunications sector where he has engaged with C-levels to define, design and deliver business solutions, enhancing efficiency and productivity. Prior to joining Aeris in 2013, Mr Mohseninia was the head of M2M for Logica in the UK responsible for the development of strategy, go to market and sales. Prior to that, he spent more than 4 years in the Middle East and Africa where he established a telecom business for Logica in the region. Mr Mohseninia holds a Ph.D. in numerical computations from the university of Hertfordshire in the UK.

The Rise Of Smart Farming

Today, we use sensors to monitor cattle, which means that a farmer can make informed decisions on how to manage his livestock based on real-time data, and he can do that remotely without having to be physically in the field. Therefore, the time saved by avoiding manual monitoring can be used elsewhere to make the farm more efficient.
30/06/2017 08:08 BST