Oliver Gray Author and health and energy expert

Oliver Gray, Managing Director and founder of energiseYou, is regarded as one of the UK’s leading experts in health, energy, happiness and performance.

He has coached thousands of senior executives and their teams at companies such as The White Stuff, Ebay and Clargidges, on how to make simple changes to boost their health, energy, happiness and performance, both inside and outside work.

Oliver is an ex professional tennis player and personal trainer. He managed 14 central London health clubs and qualified as an NLP coach before founding energiseYou, in 2004. Oliver is fanatical about energy and living proof that the philosophy behind energiseYou works.

Oliver believes health, energy & performance should be kept simple, “Essentially living a healthy energised life is about creating healthy habits, both inside and outside of work. If you can make the healthy choices 80% of the time, you can then leave 20% of the time to be flexible with life.”

Oliver’s first book has just been published: ENERGISE YOU – The ultimate health & energy plan. This is the first complete health and energy book, giving readers a simple, intelligent system that helps them create change & achieve results.