Rabina Khan Politician, Writer and Campaigner former LBTH Cabinet Member for Housing & Regeneration, European Diversity Award Winner 2014

Rabina Khan was the ex Cabinet Member for Housing and Development for the London Borough of Tower Hamlets between 2010-2015, the independent candidate in 2015 Tower Hamlets Mayoral Election securing more than 27,000 votes and winner of the European Diversity Awards 2014. The first Muslim woman to hold such a portfolio, she was appointed in 2010 after expulsion from the Labour Party to support independent Mayor Lutfur Rahman who had been unfairly dismissed.

In her role she has overseen the creation of 4000+ new affordable homes, more than any other British local authority in that time- including new social housing, community land trusts and bespoke homes for disabled residents. Her primary aim in politics is to tackle London's dire housing crisis, and as such has been key to campaigning around the London Living Rent and against government anti-welfare policies such as the hated bedroom tax. She is currently working on the Whitechapel Vision, the first major regeneration project to resist gentrification effectively and produce development led by the wants and needs of local people. In its fledging year the Whitechapel Vision won 'silver' at the National Planning Awards and the borough’s Housing Options won silver at The Andrew Ludlow Homelessness Awards.

Rabina also has a wealth of experience campaigning on issues of equality and diversity, both through activism and creativity. Her particular focus has been on challenging perceptions of Muslim women and advancing the cause of Muslim women in politics and public affairs. She has produced a range of literary and broadcast projects alongside organisations including the BBC, Heritage and the Wellcome Trust. She is a young adult author. She holds the ‘Hero of the Year’ European Diversity Award 2014 and was also nominated for the European Muslim Woman of Influence Award in 2009.