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Rupert Murray

London based director of acclaimed theatrical documentaries Unknown White Male and The End of the Line, now pursuing a career in commercials and feature films

London based director Rupert Murray began his film making career, shortly after leaving art school, shooting market research vox pops for leading advertising agencies and their clients. In 1998 he started making television documentaries for Channel Four's Cutting
Edge series including ‘Playing For England’ and ‘Seconds To Impact’, which was followed by documentary series ‘Red Hot Rio’, short film ‘This Was My War’ and music documentary ‘The Outsiders’ for Channel Four’s Independent Film department. In 2004 he won the IVCA Grand Prix for his film ‘White and Brown’ about recovering heroin and crack

In 2006 Murray directed, shot and edited the celebrated feature documentary ‘Unknown White Male’, the story of an old friend who experienced amnesia in New York. The film premiered at Sundance and was nominated for a Grierson award, a British Independent
Film award and a Directors Guild of America award and shortlisted for an Oscar. The film opened in cinemas across America.

Murray also directed and shot ‘The End of the Line’, a feature documentary about the devastating effects of overfishing. The film was shown at Sundance in 2009 and was nominated for Grierson award, a British Independent Film award and won the coveted Wildscreen Panda award for best theatrical documentary and the inaugural Puma Creative
Impact Award. The film brought the issue of the world’s oceans to the wider public for the first time and has resulted in major retailers changing their fish sourcing policy and has had an impact on marine policy at the highest level. The film opened in cinemas in 7
countries, was shown on national television in 14 countries and at over 90 film festivals.

Murray has directed two films for BBC Storyville, ‘Wild Art’, a film about two artists who paint dangerous wild animals up close in the bush and in 2011, ‘Meet the Sceptics’ a journey into the world of people who think climate change is ʻa load of rubbishʼ. In 2011 Murray worked on one of the most popular documentary series of all time, 7UP, now
56UP for legendary director Michael Apted.

Inspired by Iceland, Part 4

Today we have our second 'premiere' event: Icelandic sushi with the Mayor of Reykjavik. The first premiere event was the minister's footbath, and the last - yet to happen - is pancakes with none other than the president himself.
15/03/2012 15:24 GMT

Inspired by Iceland, Part 3

Here it's de rigeur to get semi naked with total strangers and discuss politics or the weather. As Jon neatly puts it; you have pubs and we have hot baths. Everyone stripped off and we were warmed by the heat from the center of the earth. Then off to the party.
11/03/2012 14:49 GMT

Inspired by Iceland, Part 2

On the drive out there we were surrounded by a huge lava field of indiscriminate age. Well, it looked new but is very old, if you know what I mean. It was broken and covered with moss. As I looked out of the window I imagined that all earth or soil is just millions of years of moss and forests built up on top of lava.
05/03/2012 10:24 GMT

Inspired by Iceland

I've arrived here in Iceland with what I consider a momentous task, to capture the spirit of a nation. This may not be exactly what I've been asked to do but this is my own personal brief. And I think personal motivations make for the best films.
22/02/2012 12:34 GMT