Sabah Choudrey Trans activist

Sabah is a Pakistani trans activist with a passion for his communities. His tiny head is full of big ideas, having co-founded Trans Pride Brighton in 2012: the first trans march and celebration in the UK, and started online social and support spaces for queer, trans, and intersex people of colour in Brighton (QTIPOC Brighton), and for LGBT and queer desi people in London and the South East (desiQ).

He spent his rebellious years living in Brighton where he fell into LGBT youth work and development in LGBT BME/faith communities. Once he had enough of being the token person of colour, he moved back to West London, where he is currently a trans youth worker for Gendered Intelligence, mentoring and facilitating groups for trans young people and trans young people of colour.

Sabah likes talking about his feelings and he likes to write about them even more, having been published on Black Girl Dangerous, xoJane and republished on Everyday Feminism. He shares his experiences of being a hairy brown girl, an angry brown man and a queer brown person and writes regularly on