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Sam Judah

Freelance journalist based in London. He has worked for the BBC, (RED), and Comic Relief, among others

Sam is a freelance journalist and blogger based in London.

He has worked for the BBC, Bono (yes - Bono), and Comic Relief amongst others

Tabloid Roundup: Loverats, Littlejohn and Lethal Fridges

Welcome to Tabloid Roundup, where we wave goodbye to market turmoil and say hello to a simpler kind of confusion. So leave the banks to Berlusconi and the markets to Merkel as we bring you the events that really matter from Britain's biggest-selling papers.
04/11/2011 23:30 GMT

Tabloid Roundup

If those FT headlines are getting you down and the Times has left you feeling a bit hopeless, why not lower your brow and enjoy our awards for the very best of all the rest?
22/10/2011 00:17 BST

Occupy London, Where's the Big Idea? Neither Politicians nor Protesters Have a Manifesto we Can Believe in

It could be argued that the Occupy movement has chosen to defy easy categorisation, and simply represents a collection of concerned citizens, eager to show contempt for the system as it stands. I got the impression, though, that the disparate responses weren't so much a positive choice as a reluctant admission that nothing really powerful or compelling has yet taken shape.
21/10/2011 09:52 BST