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Sarah Cawood

Broadcaster, voice over artist, blogger, tipster and chutney maker

I am a broadcaster and voice over artist and now write 2 successful blogs. One is about my journey through pregnancy and into parenthood and can be found at and the other is on my website alongside my chutney making adventures and daily tips:

Trying to keep them all updated regularly is a mission since my little boy arrived, but bear with me and I'll endeavour to write when I can!

What Exactly Is a Diastasis Recti and Could You Have One?

As I got up from the sofa when she had finished, she noticed that my abdomen went into a cone shape and told me that I probably had a diastasis recti and I would need to get proper treatment for it after the birth of my baby if I wanted it to heal.
02/06/2015 16:59 BST

The Invisible (40 Something) Woman

I once read that as women advance in age, that they slowly disappear and back then, with my pert boobs, my dewy skin and my toned limbs, I thought "that will never happen to me". Well put those words on a plate and I'll have them for supper because as sure as my eggs are duff eggs, it's happening.
19/03/2014 17:32 GMT

The Unstoppable Rise of the Premium Push-Chair

Why has the premium push-chair had such a meteoric rise to fame? When was the sea change? Yet again, in my humble opinion, it was probably back in the early noughties when the cult of celebrity took a TIGHT hold.
15/10/2013 17:28 BST

The Baby Olympics

I just hope for my son and for any more children that we may be blessed with, that their role models are more Mo Farah and less Mark Wright. From what I can gather from social networking this is how we are all feeling
07/08/2012 17:06 BST

What if Breast Isn't Best?

I was exhausted, depressed, utterly obsessed with making it work and insanely jealous of the women who made it look easy. I asked every woman I knew who had children about breast feeding and was surprised but also heartened to discover that I wasn't alone. My new world of parenting was littered with devastated women who eventually, with heavy hearts, had to throw in the towel...
12/07/2012 17:07 BST

Stacey, You Plonker!

It was ridiculously naive of Stacey Solomon to think that she would not be discovered: after all, her little indiscretion took place outside a tv studio where there are always paps lurking: Stacey you plonker.
07/03/2012 15:17 GMT

Single on Valentine's Day? Enjoy Your Freedom!

As with all things, the grass will always seem that little bit greener wherever you are not, and for every footloose and fancy free single girl out there enjoying carefree nights on the town, there's probably a pissed off, coupled up girlfriend, washing skid marked underpants on a Saturday night.
14/02/2012 09:53 GMT

Happy Blue Monday!

So, today is Blue Monday, so called because, according to various "experts" it's the day in the year we are most likely to feel utterly miserable due to a combination of factors (money, weather, broken New Year resolutions...more on those later).
16/01/2012 15:01 GMT

A Warning to Little Mix on the Fleeting Finger of Fame

It was a big weekend for Little Mix this weekend. Winning the <em>X Factor</em>, being considered for the Olympics opening ceremony... I just hope that they are having the chance to stop and take stock a little, to smell the roses, to enjoy being at the centre of such an incredible experience because it may be over all too soon...
12/12/2011 23:01 GMT

Dressing Your Age

I turned 39 last week. I am now 366 days away from fashion armageddon.
30/08/2011 10:40 BST

Styling Out The Great British Summer

I'm going to whinge about the weather. And what it does to the populous. I make no apology for this. As a Brit it is my right to whine about the rain.
11/08/2011 09:34 BST

Maternity Fashion Matters

So, yes, the bump has arrived. The mild morning sickness I was experiencing is all but gone (though I confess I just had a moment of quease and had to neck a packet of Worcester sauce flavour French Fries. They saw off that nauseous bad boy;))
01/01/1970 01:00 BST