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Steve McKevitt


Steve McKevitt is a UK author. An expert in communications and consumerism, his clients have included Nike, Coca-Cola, Deutsche Bank, Sony PlayStation, Harvey Nichols, Motorola, Universal, Virgin, BT and Atari.

Steve is chairman of Golden, an ideas agency with clients in the UK, Europe and USA and also works an advisor to national and regional UK government on employment, skills, business innovation and international trade.

He is the author of Everything Now, Why The World is Full of Useless Things and City Slackers and Project Sunshine (in collaboration with Tony Ryan). His writing has appeared in newspapers around the world from The Guardian to The Kenya National.

Steve has BA in Politics from the University of Sheffield. He lives in Yorkshire with his wife and three children.

Why Is There no Shame in Being Poor at Maths?

I've no idea whether it has, but unlike most items on FiveLive Breakfast, this one diid make me think. Why is it considered socially acceptable to say, 'I'm no good at maths'? It's a curious admission - for example you definitely wouldn't hear anyone proudly extol the fact that they were unable to read - yet Burden's not alone...
03/09/2013 14:43 BST

Doncaster Belles Lose Appeal But Gain Support

On 30 June, the FA announced that Doncaster Belles had been unsuccessful in their appeal to remain in the Women's Super League (WSL). he appeal was made following the FA's decision back in April, after just one game of the current season, that Doncaster Belles would play in the second tier of the WSL when it expands to two divisions in 2014 .
08/07/2013 17:17 BST

Coke's Plan to Teach the World to Sing Is Almost Complete

The Myanmar launch presents Coca Cola with an interesting challenge. Here is a market that not only has no idea what Coke tastes like (sweet, fizzy, vaguely fruity) but one without any previous exposure to advertising either. I've no doubt that Coke will succeed, but I think the manner in which it will how achieve that success is very interesting.
21/06/2013 17:05 BST

Doncaster Belles Appeal - Will 22 Years at The Top Mean Sweet FA?

Belles will be replaced by Manchester City: a club with neither history nor pedigree in the women's game, but, as we all know, one with an awful lot of money. The implications for fans of smaller clubs everywhere are clear. Yet national media coverage has been modest so far.
31/05/2013 18:05 BST

Why Bother Playing Football Matches? Just Count the Money Instead.

There is so little to choose between the sports pages and financial pages, one would be forgiven for thinking that money's all that matters The media is culpable in this, but the FA, noble guardian of the game, is doing very little to disabuse us of that fact either.
15/05/2013 14:28 BST

A Nation Divided by the Death of a Leader Who Divided the Nation

Clearly it's wrong to speak ill of the dead... at least it is if you're operating one of the myriad London-based news channels, which are currently hurling a tsunami of rosy-hued (or is that 'balanced'?) tributes at viewers and readers about the death of the notable former UK prime minister, Margaret Thatcher.
09/04/2013 17:00 BST

Eat Less and Exercise More - Week Two

We've all got to start somewhere, but does the road to vitality have to begin with buying the most expensive trainers and tracksuit you can find? Hey, why not try walking to the sodding gym and back without going in instead? Save yourself a fortune.
17/01/2013 18:21 GMT

The Growing Pains of Women's Football - Doncaster Rovers Belles

Women's football offers a genuine opportunity for growth in an otherwise saturated market. The high-profile enjoyed by the 2011 World Cup in Germany demonstrated the commercial potential. In recognition the FA is giving the women's game a brand and identity of its own.
10/01/2013 17:19 GMT

Have You Got Everything Now For Christmas?

35 years later and another jet-pack-free Christmas is upon me, but this isn't the only way in which the future has failed to live up to expectations. These days we might be able to get everything now, but how much of it is worth having?
20/12/2012 16:56 GMT

Football Crazy - It's Becoming a Girls' Game

Comparing boys football to girls in terms of quality is unfair. Girls' football is growing fast but there's so many more boys playing the game. In our league alone, there are 79 teams and around 1,200 boys. The equivalent girls' league is tiny in comparison. There are very good girl players, but there's a lot fewer of them.
17/12/2012 18:02 GMT

Football Crazy - Why I Blame the Parents

It was Sunday afternoon. I was cold, wet and bored. And a 13-year-old boy had just called me a 'f***ing b*stard'... This is the kind of behaviour, completely unacceptable in the real world, that passes for normal in the world of kids' football.
04/12/2012 23:22 GMT

What Can the Banks do to Make Us Love Them?

Today it was Customer Service Day at my branch of Bank of Scotland. I know this because my visit - or if you will, 'customer experience' - was out of the ordinary. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that not only was it different to the other 300 or so visits I've made, but it was also the singular occasion when it was different in any respect at all.
12/09/2012 23:09 BST

Knowledge Without Application

The salient issues are simply supply and demand - are we supplying the right number of graduates for the labour market? And of appropriateness - are we producing the right kinds to meet the needs of the labour market?
21/08/2012 17:21 BST

Can the Premiership Learn From Olympians' Humility?

The Olympics have reminded us there is more to sport than just football. As a kid, I remember watching any sport that I could on TV largely due to the fact that there was no football on it. In those days a year's worth of televised live footy could be comfortably watched in a single afternoon. Today, men's football is ubiquitous, so it was ironic that our representatives in <em>The-Only-Sport-That-Matters-TM</em> bowed out quietly, with yet another bathetic penalties defeat in the Quarter-Final, on what was arguably the greatest night for British Sport since 1966. It would be great to think that the FA and the Premiership were capable of learning something from this.
09/08/2012 17:31 BST

Why Consumer Culture Must Shoulder Some Blame for the Riots

I believe that the riots were, in part at least, a consequence of keeping people in a permanently dissatisfied state and persuading them that their lives will be improved by owning something they haven't got, can't afford and almost certainly don't need.
01/08/2012 16:59 BST