Sudhir Choudhrie London-based businessman and philanthropist with interests in healthcare, aviation and hospitality.

Sudhir Choudhrie is a pioneering and successful entrepreneur who has played an active role in international commerce, diplomacy, philanthropy and politics.
Born and educated in India, Sudhir is now living in the UK and became a British national in 2010. He is married to Anita, and has two children, Bhanu and Dhairya.
Throughout his business career Sudhir has established a strong reputation for facilitating the growth of the companies he invests in, helping to broker strategic partnerships and cross border investment.
Sudhir began his career in India, founding the Magnum International Trading Company Ltd in 1975, focusing on the exploration and expansion of India’s export markets.
In 1995 Sudhir established a joint venture with Taj Hotels Resorts, which went on to develop Taj Kerala and a portfolio of four beautiful local resorts.
In 1995 Sudhir, along with Adidas AG founded Adidas Indian Trading, introducing the brand to India and establishing a network of 180 stores and dedicated, state of the art, manufacturing facilities. This was exited in 2006.
From 1999 to 2005 Sudhir served as a non-Executive Director of Ebookers PLC, the pioneering internet travel search agency.
In 2003 Sudhir invested in Air Deccan, India’s first budget airline, which consisted of just one plane. Five years later, the airline was carrying seven million passengers a year on 200 flights a day.
Sudhir now uses his 30 years’ experience of nurturing businesses across multiple sectors to act as a visionary to C&C Alpha Group, based in London. He has assisted in expanding the group’s many subsidiaries including in healthcare, aviation, banking, real estate, hospitality, niche technologies and energy. Notable recent successes include the significant growth of Alpha Aviation Group, training airline pilots in the Philippines and Middle East, and UK based Alpha Hospitals, which was sold.
Sudhir is significantly involved in key client acquisition, brokering strategic partnerships and identifying potential opportunities and venture funding. His time is spent consulting for numerous global companies, helping clients establish vision with strategic intent, growth plans and risk management. He is recognised for turning many companies around.
Sudhir has been a member of the YPO since 1998 and WPO since 2001. In 2013 Rt Hon Theresa May MP awarded him the "Asian Business Lifetime Achievement Award”.
With a strong interest in foreign affairs, Sudhir served as the Republic of Latvia’s Honorary Consul General in India from the country’s independence in 1991 until late 2006. During this time Latvia posted impressive Europe-leading GDP growth figures.
Sudhir continues to take a keen interest in politics. He has been involved in strategic relations between India and the UK and is currently an adviser on India to the leader of the UK Liberal Democrats, a party he has supported for more than ten years.
Sudhir is an (Honorary) Radcliffe Fellow of Green Templeton College, at Oxford University and worked with the College to set up their annual Emerging Markets Symposium. Sudhir is also a member of Oxford University’s Vice-Chancellor’s Circle.
Along with the rest of the Choudhrie family, Sudhir has a proud record of philanthropy and is involved with a number of charities in the fields of education and health in the UK, US and India.
Following a successful heart transplant operation in 1999, Sudhir became major benefactor of the Columbia University Medical Center in New York, where a professorship in Cardiology and student lounge have since been established in his name.
Sudhir is personally passionate about the arts, and by setting up the Stellar Art Foundation has provided modern Asian artists with significant access to the UK and US for the first time. He also has a large vintage car collection which he has grown passionately over three decades.