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Thomas Smith

History and International Relations undergraduate, University of Exeter

I am a second year History & International Relations student currently studying at the University of Exeter. My main interests include domestic politics, EU legislation, and immigration. Also enjoy discussing aspects of everyday life, such as mental health, and current affairs.

Under Pressure: The Rise Of Student Rent Prices

As the cost of student property continues to soar against the backdrop of increasing tuition fees and curbs on government allowances, financial burdens on students will only intensify. Whether this is an inevitability, or subject to change, lays firmly within the hands of universities and the government in the coming years.
31/07/2017 16:06 BST

At Some British Universities, Free Speech Comes at a Price.

University education must not be treated as a business through prioritizing the satisfaction of their students (perhaps 'customers' a more apposite term) over the formative learning experience that is the very essence of studying at university.
08/03/2017 12:34 GMT

Trump's Victory Shows The Manifestation Of America's Discontent

DONALD Trump's announcement to run for presidency in June 2015 was met largely with laughter and disbelief. Almost 18 months later, his seismic election victory sends shockwaves through America and again causes people to disbelieve- though there are few laughing this time round...
11/11/2016 13:08 GMT

Six Ways to Enhance Productivity This Summer

Summer is an excellent time to take a brief pause from a busy year and reflect on progress made in the first half of the year before beginning the second. Though relaxation is deserved, life has a vexing tendency to throw up unexpected events; staying productive and working through constant challenges will hopefully create a more productive second half of 2016. The following six steps are aspects worth considering to enhance your work rate.
08/07/2016 13:13 BST

The Dangers of Legalising Marijuana

The answer to both questions is 'no', and the onus is now on the government to carefully review the implications of marijuana before deciding on its legalization- for it could well prove a decision damaging and myopic.
25/04/2016 16:37 BST