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Yomi Adegoke

Law Student at The University of Warwick

Yomi Adegoke is a Warwick University Law Student who wants to do anything other than to go into Law. On the rare occasion she's not napping or burning pasta, she enjoys a bit of art, a bit of Greek mythology and probably too much Emmerdale. She loves Tom Hanks, hates Cadbury's Creme Eggs and blogs at .

Fuse ODG: A Musician On A Mission

A few years ago, Afrobeats was the well-kept secret of a few lucky listeners. The idea of hearing it anywhere other than your parents car or an aunts 50th birthday was unheard of. But a new wave of African artists have arrived on the UK music scene, bringing the sounds of the continent with them, one of these being 25 year old musician Fuse ODG.
23/09/2013 10:42 BST

VV Brown: A Songstress With Something to Say

As I was led to my interview with pop sensation VV Brown, a waitress ushered me behind the counter and proceeded to open a fridge that led down to a flight of stairs. "Wrong door" she giggled. As it turns out, Hoxton hot spot 'The Breakfast Club' would be a type of allegory for mine and VV's interview...
01/08/2013 11:22 BST

VV Brown Single Launch Party: A Tremendous Come Back at Madame Jojo's

There were flashes of Tina Turner in her performance, with bolts of electric energy rippling throughout her and permeating the crowd. It was contagious. With every head bang and thrust of her arms, you couldn't help but feel you were in the presence of somebody who truly loved what they were doing.
31/07/2013 10:32 BST

A Rose By Any Other Name May Leave You Unemployed

Women are actually being encouraged to use British sounding monikers, showing that Katie Hopkins isn't the only one to turn her massive nose up at name choices. Maybe I should just got for it and improve my employment prospects by almost two fold. This goes against absolutely everything I believe in of course, but if I'm honest I really do want to see if its true.
30/07/2013 12:12 BST

The Age Of Awkward

We Millennials, children of the Nintendo/Atomic Kitten dance routines at lunchtime/Alien babies in the fridge generation, have one thing in common; we are all awkward as fuck. Let's face it, the majority of us make Screech from <em>Saved By The Bell</em> look like a regular Don Lothario due to our distinct lack of social grace.
28/06/2013 16:07 BST

Hipster Racism: The Bane of Higher Education

The hipster level of idiocy has increased ten fold, as apparently educated people go to pathetically predictable lengths to express their "individuality" and general radness, in the irritating form of hipster racism.
16/05/2013 12:50 BST

Street Parties for Marmite Maggie are Simply Bad Taste

No matter what our view of what she did, she certainly made a difference- be it for better of worse. Marmite Maggie's death has truly divided a nation. I'm not saying she deserves to be mourned because she was Prime Minister. I'm saying she deserves to be mourned because she is a person, with a grieving family.
10/04/2013 12:52 BST

Who's More Out of Touch: 'EastEnders' or 'Youngers'?

The depiction of teenagers on British television isn't offensive; it's hilarious. No matter how many 'youf' dramas are created, television still struggles to create dramas that are relatable, being out of touch with the even the minor details such as what trainers a character should be wearing.
04/04/2013 18:18 BST