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Zion Lights

Author of The Ultimate Guide to Green Parenting, Cont. Editor of JUNO magazine, postgrad MSc SciComm

Zion is author of The Ultimate Guide to Green Parenting and Contributing Editor of JUNO Magazine. She writes for a living, mostly on topics relating to science, the environment, and parenting. Zion is currently studying for an MSc and blogs at Science Mum: From the Soil to the Stars and Eco Kids Planet. Zion was dubbed 'Britain's greenest mother' in 2015 by The Daily Telegraph newspaper and 'an eco pragmatist, happily heavy on evidence' by The Guardian.

Zion lives in Devon with her two daughters and pet tortoise. She loves hiking, astronomy, fossil hunting, archery, reading, and various geeky things including anything to do with Lord of the Rings. Memorable moments from the past year include seeing the Ring Nebula for the first time through a telescope and meeting astronaut Chris Hadfield.

You can contact Zion via Facebook or Twitter, which she updates when she's not wrestling small children. She cannot promise not to quote Tolkien in her replies.

Zion's website:

Our Moral Duty To Prepare Children For Climate Change

My sister was right - it <em>is</em> too late to prevent what's coming - but it's never too late to face change head-on, and to lend a hand where it's sorely needed. Indeed, we created this mess, and we have a moral obligation to help clean it up.
11/09/2017 15:20 BST

Can Man-Eating Mushrooms Offer Us a Clean Death?

What happens when you die? Spiritually speaking, we can only guess. But scientifically speaking, what happens to the human body after death is a rotten process. The decomposition begins on the inside: with cell death and the release of bacteria, and continues to the outside world where all manner of insects tuck in.
02/06/2016 11:59 BST

The Flight of Reason in the Face of Airport Expansion

We need more people to take a stand against the bullying might of the industries that are trashing our only planet, and we need more voices to be heard in defence of our only home. Sending the Heathrow 13 to prison? That's just plain stupid. And it won't stop them either - as they said after the verdict, they're 'in it for the long haul.' In terms of the planet, so are we all.
26/01/2016 09:48 GMT

'Science Can't Save Us' - Do You Have Any Evidence to Back That Up?

Science does not claim to have all the answers. Nor is it just about stars and labs and planets and things that seem far away from us or far removed from our daily lives: it's also about animal behaviours and how our brain works and how we are connected to the planet and whether or not our species will survive climate change.
29/09/2015 17:43 BST

Young Girls Are More Than Just Pretty Faces: Let's Remember That

A three-year-old girl is climbing a tree in a park. A man walking by comments to her mother: 'she should have been born a boy!' The mother makes a general comment of agreement, while I grit my teeth and tell myself that I am overreacting, that he means well, and anyway my two female tree climbers are out of earshot...
21/07/2015 09:52 BST

People vs Austerity: An Assembly of Hope

Two years on and we find ourselves further burdened by cuts and now reeling from the impact of a Tory government, Conned once again by our broken electoral system. So what's the alternative? We organise. We march. We stand.
08/06/2015 10:05 BST

Who's Afraid of the Green Party?

It began months ahead of the election, with a steady stream of articles that appeared to rely heavily on quoting Nigel Farage and seemed to be in favour of supporting Ukip. This isn't that surprising, as the media thrives on sensationalism - it means easy news reporting and guaranteed readership. #Ukip was trending on Twitter every day, and the Party appeared to be going from strength to strength, or so many journalists were arguing.
27/05/2014 12:58 BST

The Festival Where the Greens Gather

The festival's tagline is 'beyond hedonism', because it's ethos is about bringing people together to tell and hear their tales, to craft a better way of living. The aim at this gathering is not to lose your head, but to gain it. So go along, and feast on the freedom - it might just change your life.
08/05/2014 14:27 BST

What We Can Learn From Students Protesting Corporate Power on Campus

This is not the first time that individuals have chosen to stand up for what is right by sitting down, and we can all learn from what they are doing. Hopefully for the sake of the integrity of our universities and the health of our planet, it's a battle they will win.
28/04/2014 17:00 BST

Food Freedom and the People who are Planting the Seeds of Change

'Seeds are buried treasure,' says Simran Sethi, global speaker, educator and environmentalist. Ms Sethi talks about seeds with passion because, she says, humans have an interdependent relationship with them: 'seeds are life', she tells me; nature's most early beginnings, without which humans could not have thrived. And now they are under threat.
14/04/2014 16:16 BST

Britain Must Invest in 100% Renewables Before The Lights Go Out

In 2007 Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said the following: 'There's no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance.' Last year, Thorsten Heins, CEO of BlackBerry said: 'In five years I don't think there'll be a reason to have a tablet anymore.' There is a trend here which suggests that people are notoriously bad at predicting the future even in their own fields of expertise.
31/03/2014 12:04 BST

Now That We're Using the C-Word, Let's Talk About Preventative Measures

Back in the world of politics Ed Miliband has said that 'Britain is sleepwalking to a climate crisis', and while the polar vortex is gripping the States in its icy fingers Senator John Kerry has called climate change a 'weapon of mass destruction' and is due to make a speech that will apparently convince all climate deniers of the truth of the C-word.
19/02/2014 11:48 GMT

How One Project Is Making Nature Cool

Enter Project Wild Thing, which was launched last September. How successful is nature as a brand? 'Nobody really knows', David says. For someone who is taking on the immense task of marketing nature to children, he is a remarkably humble man. 'I'm not saying it's changing their lives,' he tells me, 'but it's making them question.'
14/02/2014 14:32 GMT

Fertile, Fecund, Fructiferous: Why Composting Is Sexy

At the risk of sounding like an 'at-one-with-the-Earth'-hippie-type, I'd rather have a green burial, and become compostl. I like the idea of giving something back to the soil and the worms. I owe much to this decomposed matter: it has taught me about life cycles and interconnection in a way that those science lessons at school never could.
10/02/2014 14:00 GMT

The Random Acts of Kindness That Are Sweeping the World

Sometimes we need a bit of perspective and inspiration to shake off the winter blues, and there's certainly enough goodwill around to achieve it. I suspect that this goodwill extends far beyond the Christmas season every year, but that without high shopping sales and sentimental TV adverts to remind us of a wonderful human trait, many small acts of kindness go unnoticed.
02/02/2014 22:16 GMT

The Battle of the Boob and Poor Professionalism

The exact words printed in the magazine, in quotation marks to show that they were being reprinted verbatim, were: 'Breast milk boosts a baby's immune system, but only for the first six months. After that, it has no effect.
29/01/2014 11:44 GMT