Brexit: What Does 'Getting Our Country Back' Even Mean?

20/06/2017 11:33 BST | Updated 20/06/2017 11:33 BST

Nigel Farage - the, Tory enabled, architect of our leaving the EU - urged his troops into action with the cry "We want our country back".

Around 17 million people agreed that they too wanted our country back - whilst nearly as many wanted whomever has our country to keep it - or took the view that we actually still had our country after all.

So, assuming the worst, who has our country and why have they got it?

It is of course the Europeans - they have it - like they must have all the other countries in the EU.

Confusingly though, it does raise the question - that if they have all the other countries in the EU then they must also have their own countries because they too are in the EU?

So if they have their own countries and we do not - how did this happen?

Is it because we are some how disadvantaged or weak within the EU - in a way that other countries (some much smaller than us) are not and that allowed our country to be taken?

By the way - we are also told we are 'strong and stable' and at one stage wielded a handbag at the EU, via Margaret Thatcher - but they must still have have our country in some way because Mr Farage wants it back?

So why were we so weak in this regard despite all this tough talk?

Anyway - getting our country back apparently also means not being keen on having trade deals with the EU - but the good news is that this will enable us to make trade deals with all sorts of other countries - as long as they are not the countries nearest to us.

Having our country back apparently will enable us to make trade deals with authoritarian regimes all over the world such as Turkey and the Philippines.

Theresa May recently visited that country and spoke to Turkish leader - Tayyip Erdogan. He is a leader very busy closing down his countries free press and having political opponents arrested. It will be great trading with them rather than the EU because at least we will have our country back.

Liam Fox visited Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines to talk about trade. According to Liam Fox we have much in common with Mr Duterte - presumably not the mass killing of his citizens in a war on drugs nor, as Mr Duterte has boasted, the actual killing of 22 suspects by his own hands.

But apparently - this is what you can do if you have you own country back - you can go begging to authoritarian regimes around the world and seek trade deals with them because that is far better than trading with the Europeans who currently have our country.

All this does beg another question - that if we are so weak within the EU that we have allowed other members to take our country - whereas the other EU countries did not - then how are things going to turn out when we are dealing with ruthless authoritarian regimes?

The answer is not easy to find - it is not as if you will find the answer on the side of a bus or anything.

What I really mean, of course, is that the idea that we are taking our country back is a

stupidly meaningless phrase that happens to have a politically powerful appeal.

It appears that the phrase (and other bits of meaningless nonsense) may have had the effect of driving us away from trading with the open and democratic countries on our doorstep - through decent trade deals - to looking to trade with more dubious countries further away and we may end up poorer doing it.

If we really did have our country 'taken' from us by the EU - what makes us think we will thrive outside the EU without 'losing our country' in the same way.

Twenty seven countries are happy to be in the EU with up to six others waiting to join. I don't imagine that they all want someone to take their countries - but perhaps they are not in some way weak or disadvantaged as we in the UK must be?

Of course what we need is a leader and the strong and stable variety to get our country back

so we can trade with any authoritarian regimes we choose. Luckily we have that person

already in place - Theresa May - we know this because she told us both before and after her disastrous general election.