The government is expected to win support for keeping hold of powers until October.
The president has also repeatedly spread misinformation seeking to delegitimise mail-in voting.
Authoritarianism experts worry that Trump could abuse his powers to try to disrupt the November election or delegitimise the result if he loses.
Digital technologies for tracking people and monitoring outbreaks may be the only way out of the crisis — but misuse could aid a slide into authoritarianism.
"Brazil's Trump" is a far-right congressman who praises dictators. He's also a lesson in how modern democracies can crumble.
“This was incitement, plain and simple,” ABC News correspondent Cecilia Vega said following Trump's Phoenix rally.
Of course what we need is a leader and the strong and stable variety to get our country back so we can trade with any authoritarian regimes we choose. Luckily we have that person already in place - Theresa May - we know this because she told us both before and after her disastrous general election.
The final test will come when Trump starts showing signs of not accepting defeat at the polls in four years' time, or tries to call into question the limit on presidential terms after eight years. Then latest, will we know who Trump really is - which could be too late. It's going to be a challenging and tough time.
In a world marked by growing authoritarianism, increasing and entrenched ideological differences which demand assent rather
It saddens me. It saddens me greatly. The people who do this think they have the best intentions. But you cannot use the tools of tyrants. They are damned. They will only bring about pain, misery and oppression. I write this as a warning to those on the left. The path of liberty is narrow and it is easy to fall prey to fascism. Deals with the devil always look good to start, but you will soon learn that there is a higher price that you pay. Your soul.