Even though Boris Johnson negotiated the protocol, the government is looking to rip it up.
The leaders of the EU's 27 countries have agreed to treat Ukraine as a possible member — bolstering the nation's resistance to a vicious Russian invasion.
Foreign secretary says changes would not "make the EU any worse off" — but the proposals have already sparked fears of retaliation.
Liz Truss will unveil a bill today to rip up part of the Northern Ireland Protocol in order to restore power-sharing.
It now costs a record high of 173.02p per litre, according to new data released on Tuesday.
The UK government is prepared to unilaterally rip up the post-Brexit trade agreement.
European negotiator Maros Sefcovic said the bloc will respond "with all measures at its disposal".
There's panic in the air now as no-one can agree how resolve the tensions in Northern Ireland.
The prime minister said the government "will always keep the door wide open" to talks, but must protect the interests of ordinary people.
The business secretary said the government can act "unilaterally" to preserve peace in Northern Ireland.