The Daily Mail Performed A Photoshop Head Transplant On This Unwitting Jobseeker

What are the chances they could have exactly the same face?

01/04/2016 12:55 BST

Daily Mail readers could have been forgiven for seeing double this morning, and it wasn't even an April Fools' Day gag.

The tabloid got Twitter talking after an eagle-eyed journalist from the Times noticed the Mail had seemingly performed a head transplant on an unwitting jobseeker in order to neaten up a picture on page 12.

The original image (below) shows more than 3,000 people waiting in line at a recruitment fair in Cardiff, in the hope of securing a job at Aston Martin. They were queuing just miles from the closure-threatened Tata steelworks.

Wales News Service

Mysteriously, the version of the picture that appears in print in Friday's Daily Mail doesn't show the window frame but does show a man's head on the body of another man...

Aside from the mystery man's face now seemingly appearing twice, a closer look also appears to reveal further irregularities, such as magic tree branches and super-fast growing grass.

Daily Mail

The Daily Mail has been invited to comment.