Gordon Ramsay Reveals The One Thing He Absolutely Refuses To Eat

'I know where it's been and where it goes.'

03/04/2017 13:50 | Updated 03 April 2017

As a top chef, Gordon Ramsay has tried more types of food than your average Joe, but there’s one thing he absolutely refuses to put in his mouth.

And Gordon’s surprising choice is something that many of us eat a few times a year too.

PA Wire/PA Images
Gordon Ramsay

We’ll let Gordon explain.

Instead, Gordon opts for a pre-flight meal so he doesn’t have to fiddle about with tiny knives and forks on the plane.


When he’s not busy in the kitchen or slagging off in-flight meals, Gordon’s been busy hosting ‘The Nightly Show’.

He made his debut as a guest presenter last week, and proved a hit with viewers.

Prior to his stint hosting ‘The Nightly Show’, Gordon admitted he was ready to face his critics, explaining: “I know I’m going to get a kicking. It can’t get any worse. The knives are out. I quite like that.

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