Gordon Ramsay's 'The Nightly Show' Debut Blighted By Technical Problems

There were some rare positive reviews for the show, though Gordon's hair was less well-received.

There was good news and bad news for Gordon Ramsay as he kicked off a week’s worth of shows at the helm of ‘The Nightly Show’ on Monday night (27 March).

Halfway through the TV chef’s first episode, technical difficulties saw a test card flashing up in place of an ad break, while a voiceover attempted to keep viewers on side by assuring them things would be rectified shortly.

Gordon Ramsay on 'The Nightly Show'
Gordon Ramsay on 'The Nightly Show'

Fortunately, because the show was pre-recorded, there was no disruption to the action in the studio, but it still proved a little confusing for some viewers (while others pondered whether producers had decided to just pull the plug on the show, following negative reviews over the past few weeks):

And yet, despite these viewers’ thoughts to the contrary, Gordon appeared to get the most positive reception yet for his debut episode:

Gordon is the fifth guest host of the initial eight-week run of ‘The Nightly Show’, taking over from Dermot O’Leary, who was also more warmly received than his presenting predecessors.

However, while his unique (and typically foul-mouthed) presenting style won him praise from viewers, others seemed more distracted by something more visual:

Prior to his stint hosting ‘The Nightly Show’, Gordon admitted he was ready to face his critics, explaining: “I know I’m going to get a kicking. It can’t get any worse. The knives are out. I quite like that.

‘The Nightly Show’ airs weeknights from 10pm on ITV.

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