Grammys 2017: Lady Gaga's Outfit Gives Zero F**ks About Evening Dresses And Body Shamers

Rock on.

13/02/2017 07:56 | Updated 13 February 2017

Here on HuffPost UK Style, we’ve got to give props to the singer’s rock star look that gave the finger to all those couture evening dresses on the red carpet. Also - to those body shamers who commented on her stomach at the Super Bowl.

If you’re going to share the stage with Metallica, this is the way to do it, people...

Jon Kopaloff via Getty Images

Firstly, a salute to keeping her breasts in place. Easier said than done when you’re rocking navel necklines let alone the holy grail of under-boob.

Jon Kopaloff via Getty Images

Second, that makeup is ON POINT. Credit to Sarah Nicole Tanno who used Marc Jacobs’ eyeshadow.

Jon Kopaloff via Getty Images

Those boots though...


And finally, some good old fashion hair whipping. Yup, she’s definitely having fun...

Grammys 2017 Red Carpet
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