The “Ocean Eyes” singer says she didn’t realize her sexuality was a mystery to anyone.
The Irish singer who once famously tore up a photo of the pope on live television has died at age 56.
The singer said she was “so nervous” before Madonna, who was introducing her performance, “turned around and mouthed” something to her.
Reina Lafantaisie, who deems herself the "Grammy Granny," documented her sweet backstage moment with the As It Was star on Instagram.
The Oscar winner sparked a new meme with his serious facial expressions during this year's ceremony.
"They would just call out names so we were like, ‘Smile, smile,'" said Lizzo about her time with Adele at the Grammy Awards.
J-Lo couldn’t resist a little joke at Ben's expense as she promoted his latest film on Instagram.
Mega Awkward Moments From The Grammys
The celebrity couple also had very on-brand responses when they realised they'd been caught on camera.