Meryl Streep And Beyoncé Met At The Grammys, And It Immediately Became Our New Favourite Meme

We're dying to know what the three-time Oscar winner was telling the Queen Bey so enthusiastically.
Beyoncé and Meryl Streep
Beyoncé and Meryl Streep
Johnny Nunez/Getty

This year’s star-studded Grammys guestlist allowed for plenty of iconic interactions, but when it comes to A-list meetings, they don’t come any bigger than Meryl Streep and Beyoncé.

Meryl was one of the guest presenters at the biggest night in music on Sunday, where she presented Record Of The Year with her son-in-law Mark Ronson, while Beyoncé was in attendance to support her husband Jay-Z on the night of his Global Impact Award win.

During the ceremony, the two-time Oscar winner paid a quick visit to Bey’s table, where it’s fair to say the Mamma Mia! actor looked like she was engaged in some very enthusiastic chat.

After being shared on the Grammys’ social pages, the photo of Meryl and Beyoncé’s meeting quickly began doing the rounds online, where fans began imagining exactly how things went down between the pair in their conversation:

Despite neither of them actually being nominated for a Grammy this year, Meryl and Beyoncé were somehow still involved in some big moments during Sunday’s ceremony.

As well as presenting one of the night’s top categories, the three-time Oscar winner also wound up crashing host Trevor Noah’s opening monologue when she made a late arrival in the theatre.

Meanwhile, all eyes were on Beyoncé when Jay-Z called out the Grammys for not giving the Renaissance singer the Album Of The Year title, despite her being the most-awarded person in the ceremony’s history.

Phoebe Bridgers was the big winner on Sunday night, picking up four awards in total, while Taylor Swift made history as the first artist to triumph in the Album Of The Year category on four different occasions.


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