Lady Gaga

"The whole family is upset," the singer's father said.
"She wouldn’t even look at me and I heard her calling me a very obscene word to the stage manager."
It's been a decade since the LGBTQ anthem debuted and marked the dawn of a new era for the pop icon.
We review the US inauguration performances from Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry, as well as Nigella Lawson’s perfect farewell to Donald Trump. We pick apart the first few weeks of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, and find out what connection Graham Norton has to one of the US queens.
The Oscar-winning star made a call for peace after her performance.
The chart-topping singer delivered a rendition of the US national anthem while sporting an oh-so-Gaga statement brooch.
The Chromatica singer will perform the US national anthem during Joe Biden's inauguration.
Lady Gaga, Cardi B and Cher were also among the stars celebrating Joe Biden's victory over Donald Trump.
“Vote like your life depends on it, or vote like your children’s lives depend on it, because they do.”
From Lizzo and Taylor Swift to Beyonce and The Rock, endorsements for Joe Biden have been free-flowing. But do voters care?