JK Rowling Forced To Clarify That Harambe Is Not A Patronus After Harry Potter Fans Trolled

We've reached peak Internet.

22/09/2016 18:21 BST | Updated 22/09/2016 18:33 BST
Rob Stothard via Getty Images

The Internet nearly went into meltdown when two of its biggest Twitter figures collided in ridiculous form: JK Rowling was forced to clarify that famed gorilla Harambe was not a patronus available to Harry Potter fans. 

The author unleashed a swathe of excitement when she re-posted a mock-up of the ape, who became a viral meme after being killed at a zoo in Cincinnati. 

One of these was Harambe appearing in the guise of a patronus - the spirit animal of a witch or wizard cast in a defensive charm to fight evil life-sucking creatures called ‘Dementors’ in the Harry Potter universe.

One Potter fan took a new online quiz that revealed which animal would be their patronus, writing:

Rowling, a Twitter veteran, re-posted the picture, prompting a flurry of comments from fans about the amazing find.

To head off too much excitement, the author had to intervene and clarify that the picture was a “joke”.

Which prompted defiant social media users to issue the inevitable replies: