harry potter

"I’ve been talking about this for so long," admitted the Harry Potter star.
The Peaky Blinders star has died following a "heroic battle with cancer", aged 52.
For some fans, watching a new Harry Potter series would mean supporting author J.K. Rowling and her views on trans people.
The Lavender Brown actor told her Instagram followers that her son Tenn was "doing well" in hospital.
The actor has said that Warner Bros requested he "resign" from his role as Grindelwald in the films.
The store said it was “trying not to put books by transphobes on the shelves.”
The Rubeus Hagrid actor has suggested people are too easily offended.
The Harry Potter actor talks about eating disorder recovery, JK Rowling controversy and never escaping Luna Lovegood.
"I just pocket the money when it comes and I’m very grateful for it," the Professor Sprout actor revealed.