Theresa May Gifs Are Maybe The Best Thing To Come From Her Jeremy Paxman Interview

#TheresaMayGifs are getting us through this Tuesday.

30/05/2017 09:04 | Updated 30 May 2017

Theresa May suffered something of a savaging at the hands of the audience during Sunday night’s leaders interviews.

But as if the prime minister didn’t have enough to worry about in the studio, things became particularly brutal on Twitter.

POOL New / Reuters
Theresa May was given the Gif treatment on Twitter

Of course, there was plenty of thoughtful political analysis and earnest discussion.

But Twitter users also did what they do best and narrated the interview through gifs...

Some suggested the PM might not be enjoying herself too much...

There was some speculation about what may have been going on at Tory HQ...

As well as among Tory voters...

Jeremy Corbyn was also brought into it (although escaped relatively unscathed)...

Keep up the great work, Twitter.

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