General Election 2017

The archaic voting system used to elect MPs fails to give a voice to millions, throwing their votes onto the electoral scrapheap
The parallels between both troubled and divided periods of Conservative rule continue to resonate
Imagine if at the next General Election one party received the most votes, but another – with fewer votes – returned more
If the ‘English’ had voted Labour last year as strongly as the ‘British’ Jeremy Corbyn might well be in Downing Street
The past week has given a brief insight into what goes on behind closed doors at Westminster. It's easy to assess what's happening as something uniquely rotten committed by evil men but the truth is the culture of harassment is so engrained and inbuilt to the culture of politics: it's a cyclical story of abuse.
I've put together a group within Parliament of our youngest Conservative MPs, the 18 of us who are under 35, to try and readdress that balance. The basic principle is clearly that we're failing to engage with younger people in a way that they can believe or connect with, and that comes down to a combination of both content and presentation.
The Mayor simply can't keep Londoners safe on his own. We need the Tory Government to step up and do their bit. The upcoming Budget is a golden opportunity to increase real-term funding for the Met and for police forces around the country. No one wants to see police numbers falling or more police stations closed, but it's up to the Government to act. They should be cutting crime, not the Police.
I do not want to sound like a flat earth swivel-eyed fool. I believe in the moon landings. I have seen behind the curtain and there is no lizards back there. I am absolutely certain however about the truth of a raging Cold War being waged online. I feel it, I am a target of it and have almost certainly been an agent of it albeit unwittingly. As have you.
It is clear that although the Conservatives have a long way to go to deal with the outdated negative rhetoric style plaguing their politics, they are listening and they are attempting to win over the youth vote. If it works, only time will tell.
Let's be under no illusion about the significance of what we have just seen: a Labour Party leader calling, at the party's annual conference, for the nationalisation of public utilities - not to cries of derision or the dropping of jaws, but to a standing ovation inside the hall and positive responses beyond.
Diane Abbott is an icon for Black women, who challenged the structural barriers and hostility that comes with the double discrimination of racism and sexism in order to reach elected office. The online abuse she faced in the period the report analysed from the first half of this year is larger than the total combined abuse aimed at all women in the Conservative and SNP political parties combined.
Politics is about people. Our Parliament should therefore reflect the people we serve. This is why encouraging women to enter the worthwhile and exciting world of politics is so important. Sadly, many women simply do not believe that entering politics is an option for them.
The announcement on Tuesday that the Government will be lifting the public sector pay cap will be both welcome, and hugely disappointing for millions of public sector workers. The announcement will also come as a bitter disappointment for three reasons...
Who serves chicken lasagne with boiled potatoes? Ah ...
Eye-catching figures recently published by the Electoral Commission show not only that Labour, with its more than half a million members, generated £14.4million in membership fees in 2016 but that this was ten times more than the Tories managed. Hardly surprising perhaps when best guesses suggest Jeremy Corbyn's party has as many members as Theresa May's. But what more do we know about her dwindling band of foot soldiers - and how do those who belong to the Conservative Party compare to those who voted for it in 2017?
The Government's approach is chaotic, unstable, and totally unsustainable. If they can find a £1billion for the votes of the DUP then they ought to find the money needed to properly staff the NHS as well. This isn't just about doing what's right for the brilliant staff who are working so hard to keep the service going. It's about doing what's right for patients too. Every day that goes by more and more talented and hardworking people are leaving NHS professions because of the neglect of this Government.
'..there is a real need to nail down the ‘why’ for doing so now'
About General Election 2017
About General Election 2017 Theresa May called for a snap general election on June 8th 2017. The Conservative Party suffered a humiliating defeat when they lost 13 seats and their overall majority. Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party surged in support to gain 30 seats, while the SNP failed to repeat their 2015 success and lost 21 seats, many to the Scottish Conservatives.