General Election 2017

The archaic voting system used to elect MPs fails to give a voice to millions, throwing their votes onto the electoral scrapheap
The parallels between both troubled and divided periods of Conservative rule continue to resonate
If the ‘English’ had voted Labour last year as strongly as the ‘British’ Jeremy Corbyn might well be in Downing Street
Who serves chicken lasagne with boiled potatoes? Ah ...
'..there is a real need to nail down the ‘why’ for doing so now'
About General Election 2017
About General Election 2017 Theresa May called for a snap general election on June 8th 2017. The Conservative Party suffered a humiliating defeat when they lost 13 seats and their overall majority. Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party surged in support to gain 30 seats, while the SNP failed to repeat their 2015 success and lost 21 seats, many to the Scottish Conservatives.