Theresa May Delivered Her Big United Nations Speech To A Pretty Empty Room

Boris was there, at least.

20/09/2017 21:33 | Updated 21 September 2017

It was Theresa May’s big moment at the United Nations, and she used her keynote speech in New York to have a dig at Donald Trump and warn the multi-nation body it needed to reform.

Punchy stuff, but delivered to just a handful of diplomats. Awkward.

Drew Angerer via Getty Images
Lucas Jackson / Reuters
Lucas Jackson / Reuters
Lucas Jackson / Reuters

In her address, May appeared to rebuke the US President for threatening to pull out of the Paris Climate accord, singling out the deal as an example of how countries can work together to promote “fairness, justice and human rights”.

In June, Trump announced America was withdrawing from the deal as it put US firms at a disadvantage.

In the speech, the Prime Minister also threatened to withhold one-third of the money it hands to the UN’s budget until it reforms itself.

But British journalists in attendance suggested the speech was delivered to less than a sell-out crowd.

It was May’s first appearance at the General Assembly since her general election self-own when her attempt to bolster the Tory majority backfire. Expectations that she will lead the party into the next election are low. 

In any case, the pictures compared unfavourably to the Donald Trump blockbuster a day earlier when he threatened the “destruction” of North Korea. 

Brendan McDermid / Reuters
Brendan McDermid / Reuters

French President Emmanuel Macron was also more of must-see compared to the UK PM.

Lucas Jackson / Reuters

But at least Boris Johnson was there, despite reports he was poised to quit as Foreign Secretary over Brexit.


Lucas Jackson / Reuters
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